Geo-computation is "the art and science of solving complex spatial problems with computers". Its concern is to enrich geography with methods to model and analyse a range of highly complex, often non-deterministic socioeconomic and natural problems. The Centre for Geo-computation Studies (CGS) aims to ally worldwide organizations, companies and indviduals to devote to geo-computation studies and advance the applicability and adaptability of geo-computation theories, methods and tools.

The basic function of the centre is to develop inter-institutional collaboration, knowledge sharing and joint research student education. Studies are focused on advanced geo-computation and spatial analysis not only on their scientific principles, but also the implementation in related software research and engineering. The centre also aims to undertake research in geo-computation applications to natural resoutce and environment, as well as regional socio-economic development, by taking the multi-disciplinary approach.

Goals and Objectives

In the past year, the main focus of the CGS was to establish its research communication network and infrastructure, and to seek opportunity of and initiate collaborative research projects. To date, international and regional collaborations have been initiated and joint applications for collaborative research projects have been submitted to various funding agencies.